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Traffic Awareness

Traffic Awareness

 Traffic Awareness: First and foremost importance should be given to the pedestrians. It is high time we take up such road safety initiatives and spread the message by creating more awareness on traffic. Today everyday’s problem is stuck traffic during office timings. The cause for traffic jam is the people who do not obey traffic rules, do rash driving and so no. And after they get stuck, they blame traffic police for their work. Alone police department cannot bring down incidence on road mishaps. However, a collective effort is required from public and private organization apart from the police to promote and implement safety rules effectively in city.

To help police department on traffic issues, International Rural Health association sanchalit Swayam Seva Sangh organized a campaign on traffic awareness. They gave the message “The city is developing and the infrastructure is not enough for the growing population leading to road mishaps. Every individual needs to understand the concept of the safety rules and abide by the traffic rules.”

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